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Electronic Monitoring


Digital Observer Services (DOS) is a fisheries consultancy and Electronic Monitoring (EM) service provider which uses Satlink equipment (Satlink SeaTube), high definition cameras, GPS systems and other information to produce exhaustive and professional reports on the vessel’s fishing activity.

We handle the design and maintenance of the Sea Tube Electronic Observer as well as analyse the information collected by the system, enabling us to demonstrate the independence and invulnerability of the system and certify fishing activity.


Electronic monitoring of fishing activity, management of on-board equipment, and control and safekeeping of information, are increasingly aspects requiring specialist and distinctive expertise.


Specialists in tuna fisheries management at a global level. Design of projects, analysis of data, statistical studies, obtaining of licences, etc.


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After a first stage in which we devoted our efforts to developing procedures for a tuna fisheries management tool, DOS has taken on a workload so extensive that in October ...

What is SeaTube?

1. Real-time monitoring and recording system

SeaTube is a real-time monitoring and video recording system which permits fishing companies, organisations, public authorities, observation programmes, etc., to have greater control over fishing operations and activities.

2. High-definition digital cameras

The SeaTube System consists of high-definition digital cameras installed on board to monitor fishing activity, the Satlink video server (NAS/NVR), and IDP satellite data transmission equipment with preconfigured EEZ areas (used for the purpose of monitoring VMS fishing vessels).

3. Complete monitoring report

Among other information the system enables DOS to ascertain the location of fishing activity, the nature of the catch, the fishing method, the actions taken to safeguard protected species, the mitigation measures, etc. Hence DOS can produce a complete monitoring report backed by reliable and accurate data.